Local Organising Committee

Francisco López Varas
Dean of the School of Sports Science and Physical Therapy Faculty
Universidad Europea Madrid

África Calvo Lluch
Dean of the School of Sports Science
Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Gerardo Bielons
Chair of the Conference
Director Events GB

Andrea Vicente Hernández
Director’s Assistant Events GB


Scientific and Programme Committee

Tim Breitbarth
Chair (

Pablo Burillo
Vice-chair (

Álvaro Fernández
Vice-chair (

Guillaume Bodet


Review Track Chairs

Sport Governance and Policy: Johan Norberg

Strategy, Leadership and Stakeholder Management in Sport: Sven Junghagen

Sport Marketing: Tim Ströbel

Sport Consumer Behaviour: Guillaume Bodet

Sport Events and Tourism: Ruth Crabtree

Sport, Media and Communication: Elisavet Argyro Manoli

E-Sport and Technology: Daniel Lock

Sport Facility Management: Peter Forsberg

Sport Funding and Finance: Christopher Huth

Sport Law and Ethics: Barbara Osborne, Guy Osburn, John Grady, Jens Evald

Public Health and Physical Activity Management: Karin Book

Sport development and Socio-Cultural Perspectives: Siegfried Nagel

Sport Management Education: PG Fahlström

Broader, New and Critical Aspects of Sport Management: Bo Carlsson

Workshops: Tim Breitbarth

Posters: Pablo Burillo


PhD Student Seminar

Chris Horbel (


Student Seminar

Jose Bonal

Gerardo Bielons


ESMQ New Researcher Award 2019

Jörg Königstorfer (Chair,

Veerle de Bosscher

Paul Downward

Vassil Girginov

Daniel Lock

Tim Pawlowski

Geoff Schoenberg

Simon Shibli

Tracy Taylor


EASM Best Conference Paper Award 2019

Guillaume Bodet (Chair,

Karin Book

Leigh Robinson

Álvaro Fernández


EASM Best Conference Reviewer Award 2019

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